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Jalor 10 is a medical injectable device based on
hyaluronic acid specially designed for Body
Reshaping and contouring, consisting of a pre-filled
syringe of 10 ml.
Hyaluronic acid contained in Jalor 10 is a
monophasic cohesive crosslinked gel obtained with
JMCB biotechnology (Jalor Monophasic and
Cohesive Biotechnology).
The secret of this innovative technology is the
extraordinary tissotropic properties of the crosslinked
hydrogel of hyaluronic acid which, despite being
made up of larger macromolecules, becomes more
fluid under pressure, then immediately returning to
the original viscosity at the end of the stress, in
addition, the high G-Prime gives it remarkable
volumizing capabilities.
The molecular network of which this particular
hydrogel is constituted reduces the diffusion capacity
of hyaluronidase within the hyaluronic matrix,
favouring a longer duration and permanence of the
product in the tissue. The package of Jalor10 is free
of needles, in fact it will be the doctor to decide the
type to use according to the area to be treated and
the type of surgery, being able to choose cannula
needles from 16G to 18G, all thanks to the unique
patented technology that combines the tissotropic
properties to hyaluronic acid.

Quantity per Syringe 10 ml
Concentration HA 20 mg/ml
Crosslinking JMCB * * * * 
Duration 12-18 months