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With the passage of time all the contours of the face
can be affected by the aging process, with losses
of volume or the appearance of very deep wrinkles,
for this reason the innovative “Jalor Sweet Deep”
was created.
Jalor Sweet Deep restores all the volumes of the
face it restores support and volume to areas that
need more consistency or refinement, as the contours
of the cheeks and chin.
Sweet Deep is the best proposal on the market for
all the problems of TISSUE LIPOATROPHY, it’s the
best product as a yield, such as a durability on the
face and an injectable product, it has a minimal
extrusion force, compared to other similar products
on the market.
Jalor Sweet Deep contains lidocaine as a local
anesthetic for better application.
Indications: Cheek, Nose-genian folds, Chin.

Content 1 ml
Concentration HA 25 mg/ml
Reticular Agent BDDE
Degree of Crosslinking * * * * * *
*SC (Stiffness Capability) until 650.000 mPas
Needles 2x27 G (Terumo)
Lidocaine 0,3%
Treatment (3) (4) (15)