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For every types of volume
It was designed within the “Jalor Sweet Line” with
lidocaine to fill and soften the deepest wrinkles with
an absolutely innovative product.
It’s presented as a gel with high viscosity and density,
but is at the same time soft plastic and easily
injectable, this is possible for the high technology
of the crosslinking process of the molecules of
hyaluronic acid.
Jalor Sweet Kiss maintains a natural appearance
after injections. It acts on wrinkles and deep lines.
Jalor Sweet Kiss contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic
for better and pleasant application.
Indications: wrinkles and deep lines, chin and chin
contour, cheek area, treatment of skin depressions.

Content 1 ml
Concentration HA 23 mg/ml
Reticular Agent BDDE
Degree of Crosslinking * * * * * 
Needles 2x27 G (Terumo)
Lidocaine 0,3%
Treatment (3) (4) (6) (9) (15)